4 Easy Ways to Connect Wireless Speakers to a Projector

If you don’t like too many wires cluttering up your home theater room, you might consider connecting wireless speakers to your projector for a neater-looking setup.

Wireless speakers can be directly connected to your projector if your projector has in-built Bluetooth capability. If your projector doesn’t have Bluetooth capability, you can use other devices such as Bluetooth adapters, audio cables, and streaming devices.

Connect Wireless Speakers to a Projector

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How to Connect Wireless Speakers to a Projector

I have tested out different ways to connect wireless speakers to a projector. Here are four ways that I found to be best:

1. Connect using the projector’s in-built Bluetooth

Since many of the newer projector models come equipped with Bluetooth accessibility, it’s very likely your projector already has in-built Bluetooth features.

And if you haven’t bought one yet, look for a projector with these features so you can easily connect them to your Bluetooth speakers.

How to check if your projector has Bluetooth

Simply look for the Bluetooth symbol on the projector or look for Bluetooth features in your projector’s user manual. Most manufacturers will advertise Bluetooth features as many customers prefer products with Bluetooth accessibility. Some user manuals even have detailed screenshots of how to use the Bluetooth features.

If you’ve lost your user manual, it isn’t an issue. Check the manufacturer’s website and look up the Bluetooth-enabled projectors to see if yours is on the list.

Or you could do a google search for the user guide for your projector model number and you just might find a copy of it online.

Sometimes even checking your projector’s product description on Amazon will help you figure out whether it has Bluetooth capabilities or not.

If, however, you find that your projector does not have Bluetooth capability, there are a few workarounds that will help you connect your wireless speakers to your projector. We’ll walk you through them in this article.

How to connect using the Bluetooth capability

You’ve probably connected a Bluetooth device before, like connecting your phone to the Bluetooth in your car. So it should be fairly simple and intuitive to set it up with your projector.

Follow these steps to connect your Bluetooth-capable projector to wireless speakers:

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth speaker in pairing mode.
  2. Power on the projector to activate Bluetooth settings. Enable Bluetooth by using the settings menu on your projector. Your projector manual will also give you detailed instructions on how to turn Bluetooth on.
  3. Your Bluetooth speaker will appear among the options to pair to your projector. Select it to pair and you’re done.

Pairing can take a while sometimes, so be patient. You may have experienced this when you try connecting your phone to the Bluetooth in your car.

If the pairing isn’t working, try ‘forgetting’ the other devices the Bluetooth speakers may be already connected to. If that doesn’t work, go back to your manual and check if you have missed any steps.

Alternatively, there are apps available also, that help you connect your Bluetooth-enabled projector to Bluetooth speakers. For example, the Nebula brand app can help you connect the Nebula Mars II portable projector and several other devices from Nebula.

2. Use a streaming device with Bluetooth capability

You can use your laptop or TV or whichever device you are streaming content from as a middleman to connect the Bluetooth speakers to the projector.

Connect your laptop or TV to the Bluetooth speakers using the Bluetooth facility on these devices.

When you select the Bluetooth options and set the speakers to pairing mode, the name of the speaker, (brand and model) will appear on the laptop or TV among the available devices in Bluetooth settings. Choose the pairing option to link the two devices.

3. Connect with a Bluetooth adapter

The Bluetooth adapter is a great way of making your projector Bluetooth-capable.

How it works: Plug it into the audio jack on your projector and it will create a tiny Bluetooth hotspot.

How to install a Bluetooth adapter

  • First, you should ensure the device is fully charged.
  • Next look for the audio jack on the back or bottom of your projector.
  • Refer to the adapter’s instruction manual for instructions on how to get it into pairing mode.
  • Activate pairing mode and turn on your speaker pairing.

4. Using audio cables

Sometimes the device you are playing your video from may not have Bluetooth capability. For instance- older models of laptops, desktops, or DVD players. These old devices will, however, have headphone jacks. So they can also be used as middlemen to connect to a Bluetooth speaker.

Many Bluetooth speakers have built-in AUX input. Use a male-to-male 3.5 mm audio cable (a cable with 2 ends that look like the plugs you put in your headphone jack) to connect your device (laptop/desktop etc) to the Bluetooth speaker.

Plug one end into the headphone jack of your streaming device(it will have the headphones symbol) and the other end into the audio jack of the Bluetooth speaker.

These cables are easily available online. In fact, it’s also very likely that you might just have one lying around among your audio gear.


To sum up, it is possible to connect Bluetooth speakers to your projector, regardless of whether your projector has Bluetooth capability or not.

If your projector does have built-in Bluetooth, it’s a great advantage. Most of the projectors that have Bluetooth capability such as the TOPTRO WiFi Bluetooth Projector (Available on Amazon) tend to be portable as well.

And if you use them along with Bluetooth speakers, you can easily carry your home theater with you! To enjoy on holidays or even get-togethers with family and friends!



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