Screw Sizes for TV Mounts: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking to free up some living room space by ditching your TV stand and mounting your TV on the wall instead? Well, if you’re planning on buying a TV mount you might wonder if you need to buy the screws separately or whether TV mounts come with screws.

Most TV mounts should come with screws, along with the washers and spacers required to install them. If your TV mount does not come with screws, you can buy a universal TV mounting screw kit that has screws in all sizes. However, you will need to select the right screw size for your TV.

Screw Sizes for TV Mounts

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How do I know which screw to use for mounting my TV?

The size of the screw will depend on the requirements of your TV. You will need separate screws for fixing the TV to the bracket and the bracket to the wall as the TV screws have different thread patterns.

To figure out the right screw type for mounting your TV to the bracket, you can refer to your TV’s VESA mount size.

What does VESA refer to?

VESA, an acronym for Video Electronics Standards Association, is a universal standard created for TV wall mounting systems to enable uniformity across TV brands.

The standard distances between the four mounting holes at the back of the TV as well as the measurements of the hole patterns and screw sizes are defined by VESA.

How can I find out my TV’s VESA mount size?

Your TV’s VESA specifications will be mentioned in your TV’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website. They may be labeled as VESA along with the dimensions or simply as MIS (which stands for VESA Mounting Interface Standard) followed by letters to indicate the size. For example, MIS-B, MIS-C, and so on.

This article has a handy table on VESA MIS specifications as well as VESA recommended screw sizes.

You can also figure out your TV’s VESA size by measuring the distance in millimeters between the four mounting holes at the back of the TV.

First, measure the distance between the holes horizontally and then measure the distance vertically.

For example, if the horizontal distance between the two holes is 400mm and the vertical distance is 300 mm, your TV’s VESA size will be 400 x 300.

Does my wall mount bracket have to be the same brand as my TV?

No, you do not need to buy the same brand of wall mount as your TV. All you need to do is check the VESA specifications of your TV and accordingly buy a compatible wall mount bracket.

Are all TVs VESA compatible?

Most flat screen TVs are VESA compatible. It’s only the older models and a handful of manufacturers that may not comply with these specifications.

In such cases, the TV manufacturers may produce their own specific TV mounts. However, if you find your TV isn’t VESA compatible there are universal brackets (Amazon Link) that allow you to adjust your bracket according to the placement of holes on the TV.

SANUS TV Wall Mount - Universal Low Profile Fixed TV Mount Bracket for 40

Most of the popular TV brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Hisense, Vizio and so on are VESA compatible.

Are all TV mount screws universal?

No, all TV mount screws are not the same. You need to select the appropriate screw size for your TV keeping in mind its VESA specifications and weight restrictions. Again, this information should be available in your TV’s user manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

For those unable to find this information, many VESA size charts are available on the net, such as this one which helps you determine the screw size. Look for one specific to your TV brand. Here are links to the VESA specifications for Samsung and Sony and the recommended screw size.

There are also brand-specific screw kits available such as those for LG TVs, and Sony to make your task easier.

Samsung kits are also available on their website with detailed specifications so you can’t go wrong.

What are the Screw Sizes for TV Mounts?

The three main types of screws for fixing the TV to the bracket include M4, M6 and M8 which have different lengths. Among them, M4 is the shortest while M8 is the longest.

Typically, M4 screws are used for VESA sizes below 200, M6 is used for 200 and M8 for larger VESA sizes.

The width of the TV also plays a role in the type of screw used. For instance, the TVs with the same screen size of different brands may use different size screws depending on their width. So be sure to check the specifications of your brand.

The bolts needed for attaching the bracket to the wall will depend on the type of wall you have as well as the size and weight of the TV. You should find this information in your TV mount’s user guide. Here’s a helpful article.

How can I measure the screw size of my TV?

If you want to manually measure the screw size of your TV, insert a toothpick in the screw mount hole of the TV.

Next, mark it and measure its length.

Finally, compare it to the VESA chart to find the right size.

What will happen if I use the wrong size screws?

If the length of the screw is not compatible with your TV you can end up damaging it.

Mounting screws help to distribute the weight of the TV evenly and make it secure.

Using a larger screw size may damage the screen. A screw size too small may not be able to take the weight and the TV may come off the wall bracket!


Most TV mounts do come with screws. If you don’t have the screws, you can easily purchase a Universal TV mount screw kit which will have all the screws you need.

Be sure to use the appropriate-sized screws based on VESA specifications and you’re golden!

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