Do You Need a Dolby Atmos TV To Get Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is a new way to have theater-caliber surround sound in your home. With its integration with Netflix and Apple Music, it certainly has the attention of audiences everywhere. But many people wonder how they can get Dolby Atmos, especially if they don’t have Dolby Amos TV.

You do not need to have a Dolby Atmos TV to experience Dolby Atmos. It works on almost any TV as long as you have the correct speakers. In fact, most surround sound systems can be used with Dolby Atmos by adding a few extra pieces.

Do You Need a Dolby Atmos TV To Get Dolby Atmos

Let’s talk more about Dolby Atmos requirements and how you can get it in your home.

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Do You Need a Dolby Atmos TV To Get Dolby Atmos?

You do not need a Dolby Atmos TV to be able to use Dolby Atmos. Many TVs are being sold with Dolby Atmos capability, but you do not need one of these TVs to experience the new, spatial audio experience.

If you know about smart TVs, then you know they give you access to plenty of content besides the typical cable or satellite programs. Smart TVs come with internet capabilities, giving you access to streaming apps without using a third-party streaming device.

As you know, you don’t need a smart TV to use streaming devices, but these TVs make it easier.

Dolby Atmos TVs work the same way. They can give you access to Dolby Atmos, but they are not required to use it. You can access Dolby Atmos by installing the proper surround sound system in your home.

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How to Use Dolby Atmos Without a Dolby Atmos TV?

Dolby Atmos can be used with any TV as long as you have the correct speakers. For surround sound users, you already have a head start. Without surround sound, you need to purchase speakers in order to use Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos can be used with surround sound, but you will not get the full experience without the right speakers and location. You can use a speaker setup with five, seven, or nine speakers, depending on how much room you have and the audio experience you want.

Whatever surround sound setup you currently have can work with Dolby Atmos. As long as you designate two speakers to use as the ceiling speakers, then you can enjoy spatial audio in your home.

If you don’t have surround sound speakers yet, then you should consider investing in Dolby Atmos speakers.

The speaker locations are one of the most important parts of getting the best Dolby Atmos experience. You need to ensure that the speakers are located correctly around you to get the best quality. In fact, many users have to move their speakers around for the first few uses to get it right.

How Is Dolby Atmos Different From Basic Surround Sound?

Dolby Atmos is different from surround sound in that basic surround sound uses channels to control which sound comes out of the speaker. In contrast, Dolby Atmos uses the placement of each individual sound, rather than a sound coming from an individual speaker. It comes from a space in the speaker.

The main difference between Dolby Atmos and surround sound is the use of space with Dolby Atmos. It gives you a more accurate audio experience compared to surround sound speakers.

When surround sound is created, a sound that is meant to be heard on your right will come fully through the right speaker. The use of space in the speakers allows Dolby Atmos to place the sound in a more accurate place.

Using spatial aspects to audio allows you to hear each noise that may have otherwise been covered in surround sound. This is because speakers can more clearly project sounds through the space rather than allowing it to clash with other sounds coming from the same speaker.

Dolby Atmos requires ceiling speakers to get the full experience. They do not have to be attached to your ceiling but should be placed above your heat. This allows for accurate sounds that are meant to come from above.

Surround sound focuses on putting you in the center of the action, but Dolby Atmos takes it a step further and ensures the sound travels around you accurately. This is why so many people choose it.

You can hear the audio as you were truly meant to.

What Can You Watch With Dolby Atmos?

You can watch most new movies on Blu-Ray and many streaming services with Dolby Atmos. You can even listen to music with Dolby Atmos through Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal. The easiest way to ensure what you are watching is compatible is to check for the Dolby Atmos symbol.

This shows that it is enabled with what you are watching and works for Blu-Rays, streaming services, and any other media that uses Dolby Atmos.

Many of the movies that you see available in 4K Ultra HD will also offer Dolby Atmos. Check the back of the Blu-Ray before buying to ensure that it is available, but buying a physical copy is not the only way to enjoy spatial audio in your home.

There are also streaming services that feature Dolby Atmos in movies and TV shows:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney Plus

Though, it isn’t always easy to find a title within these compatible streaming services.

Netflix, among other streaming services, does not have a list, playlist, or category available for films and TV shows that feature Dolby Atmos. So, you need to check each show and movie before watching to see if the option is there for you.

An easy way to tell which programs offer Dolby Atmos is that shows and movies made by the streaming company offer spatial audio. So, when you see a Netflix show, you can be sure it will have Dolby Atmos capability.

Another easy way to tell is that new blockbuster films will feature Dolby Atmos, but smaller movies will not always have capabilities.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to buy a Dolby Atmos TV to use Dolby Atmos. In fact, it can be added to your existing surround sound setup in your home. Whether you want to watch movies or listen to music, Dolby Atmos gives you a unique spatial audio experience.


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