Best Wall Paint (Type & Color) for a Projector Screen

Bringing the cinema experience into your living room sounds like a perfect idea. However, you also need an ideal screen to enjoy your cinematic experience, especially when using a projector.

So, what would be the best wall paint for your projector screen?

The best paint for a projector screen wall should have a smooth finish, reflect minimum light, and not appear too dull. For a white screen, Digital Ultra White HD is the best wall paint. Paint On Screen S1 Ultimate Contrast is the best for a grey screen and S1 Screen Plus for a silver screen wall.

Best Wall Paint (Type & Color) for a Projector Screen

In this article, I’ll discuss what factors you should consider when painting a projector screen wall.

Also, I’ll take you through the best wall paints for your projector screen, depending on your preferred color. Read on to learn more.

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Factors To Consider When Painting a Projector Screen Wall

You’ve probably been disappointed after your projector screen produced low-quality pictures. It could be that the wall had regular paint. To enjoy the best projection experience, you need to use wall paint that’s ideal for projection.

Here are several factors to consider before you paint your projector screen wall:

Type of Finish

After choosing the perfect spot for your projector screen, you need to determine if your wall finish is the best for projection. The type of finish on your screen will significantly affect the quality of the projected images.

An ideal projector screen wall shouldn’t reflect too much light or produce dull pictures.

According to a study by Projector Central, flat and matte finishes produced dull images. Contrastingly, glossy finishes were over reflective.

Hence, you should consider a finish that’s neither too glossy nor flat or matte. A satin finish would be the ideal option. However, you don’t always have to purchase an expensive finish.

You can also buy a specific projector screen paint that will also produce the perfect finish.

The Brightness of Your Projector

The amount of light that a projector produces affects the quality of the projected images. For instance, if your projector has a low lumen output, you’ll require highly reflective paint.

White is the most reflective color; thus, it will work best with such a projector and help to brighten the images.

However, if the projector shoots a lot of light (over 3000 lumens), you’ll need less reflective paint. Grey or black paints would be perfect in this case as they will counter the projector’s brightness and enhance image quality.

The Surrounding Brightness (Ambient Light)

Apart from the light that your projector produces, your room’s lighting will also determine the quality of projected images. The ambient light or the brightness of your surroundings entails the light entering the room.

If your room is too bright, you’ll need highly reflective paint. In this case, you’d go for white as it maximally reflects the ambient light onto your projector screen. In contrast, if you have a dull room, you’ll consider grey or black paint.

Black paint will absorb the most light, providing the best contrast to your projection. The room will appear darker; thus, it will produce a great cinematic experience.

Grey paint won’t absorb as much light as black one or reflect as much as white paint. Therefore, it is ideal for a room with moderate ambient light.

Your Preferences

How do you love your cinematic experience? If you prefer brighter and vibrant images, you should go for a white screen. Alternatively, if you love darker and deeper pictures with more contrast, grey or black screens are ideal.

Moreover, your choice of programs or movies can also tune your preferences. For instance, HD images and video games appear dimmer than other image types. Therefore, if you’re into 3D movies, a white screen would be appropriate.

Now, here’s our selection of the best wall paints for a projector screen wall. These screen paints have the ideal formulations to produce the perfect home theatre experience. They include:

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Best for a White Screen: Digital Image Ultra White Screen Paint

Many people prefer this paint as they love colorful and vibrant images. With this projector screen paint, you’re assured of bright pictures even when your projector has a low lumen output.


  • It supports HD and 4K formats. It enhances your home theater experience.
  • It produces great brightness. It has a 1.5 gain, and produces 50% brighter image reflections than ordinary white paints.
  • It is easy to apply. You can either spray it or use a roller.
  • It is water-based. It is easy to wash off.
  • It has a low odor. It’s suitable for users who are allergic or sensitive to strong smells.
  • It is non-toxic. It has a low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) content.
  • It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It’s affordable.


  • It is thick.
  • It requires a specific roller as others produce imprints.

Best for a Grey Screen: Paint On Screen S1 Ultimate Contrast Projector Screen Paint

If you love bright images with high contrast, S1 Ultimate Contrast can be your best pick. The silver-grey paint has a 2.0 gain value and an HD 1080p, 4K resolution.


  • It supports HD and 4K formats. It produces high-quality images.
  • Its finish is a balance between glossy and matte. It creates a neutral color shift.
  • It’s ideal for high-end entertainment environments. It covers a large area and is suitable for bright rooms.
  • It’s easy to apply. You can use a roller or a sprayer. It also doesn’t require prior preparation.


  • It has a strong odor.
  • It’s expensive.
  • It requires a primer.

Best for a Silver Screen: Paint On Screen S1 Screen Plus Silver

S1 Screen Plus is the perfect paint if you’re looking for superior contrast and depth. The paint is suitable for both home and commercial use. It has a 1.5 gain value; thus, it produces vivid TV-like images.


  • It supports HD and 4K formats.
  • It’s easy to apply.
  • It has low VOC content.
  • It is water-based.


  • It requires a smooth surface to produce clear images.
  • It’s not the brightest paint option for a home theater.

Best Wall Paint (Type & Color) for a Projector Screen

The best wall paints for a projector screen have a smooth finish, aren’t too dull, and reflect minimal light. These features enable your videos to project with more clarity.

Digital Ultra White HD is ideal for white walls, while Paint On Screen S1 Ultimate Contrast is a great paint for a grey screen. If you have a silver screen, opt for Paint On Screen S1 Screen Plus Silver.

Key Takeaways

If you’re looking for an excellent cinema experience using your projector, then you should get the best projector screen paint to apply to your wall.

The ideal screen projector paint should have a smooth finish, but it shouldn’t be too glossy or too matte. Usually, a satin finish is best.

Hopefully, these recommended screen paints will meet your needs perfectly.


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